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Fresh from the success of Wayne’s Force Four Folio – comes his latest evolution – The Force 4 MINI, that many people have been asking for. It features the same four out features but in a smaller and different utility – thus making it perfect for up close performances, trade shows, parlor or even close up. For those of you who have been saying “I love Wayne’s Force Four Folio but I need something smaller and more intimate” – now you have your answer. Force 4 Mini uses a completely different “gimmick” to execute the effect – yet is just as reliable as Wayne’s Force 4 Folio.

The Mentalist opens a simple black vinyl business card folder and shows four face down cards. As he passes along a line of 4 spectators, each one chooses a card. As in the full size FORCE 4 each choice the spectators make is under your control. We have sold well over 100 of Wayne’s Force 4 Folio’s – his latest “Mini” edition just may surpass even that!

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