Genii Magazine October 2020

Genii Magazine October 2020

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October 2020


A Halloween Celebration by Steve Bryant
  • Poems for a Dark and Stormy Night
  • Beyond the Final Houdini Seance
  • The Movie Night Five- Minute Seance
  • Crypt-Ography
The Room with Thread in Its Wallsby Rob Zabrecky with Jim Steinmeyer
AMA Awards by Dustin Stinett


Genii Speaks
by Richard Kaufman
In Memoriam:
  • Howard Schwarzman by Brian Wendell Morton
  • Gabi Pareras by Woody Aragon
The Eye by Chloe Olewitz
The Chamber of Secrets Mysto! The Thayer Block and Ribbon Release by John Gaughan
Exhumations It's All About You by Jon Racherbaumer
ConjuringSyracuse Monte by Jim Steinmeyer
Artifices Chatting with Britland by Roberto Mansilla
The Expert at the Kids' Table A Few More Morsels of Fun by David Kaye
Cardopolis The Vanishing by David Britland
Magicana by Jonathan Friedman
  • The Trick (or Treat) That Can't Be Explained by Jonathan Friedman
  • Lifeless by Michel Huot
  • Vampire Cat by Chris Beason, Louie Foxx, and Jonathan Friedman
The Academy of Magical Arts in Genii
Knights at The Magic Castle Spirited Spirits by Libby Ward


Tricks Reviewed by Brad Henderson
  • "Shining" by James Anthony
  • "Masked" by Jeff Bornstein
  • "Debut" and "Fragment" by Abstract Effects
  • "Hands Free" by Mario Tarashi
  • "AnyWeb" by Magic Pro Ideas
  • "Regal Cop Wallet" by David Regal
Books Reviewed by David Britland
  • The Darkest Corners: Ben Hart by Neil Kelso
  • Magical Musings by Ian Brennan
  • Suzy Wandas: The Lady with the Fairy Fingers by Christ and Kobe Van Herwegen
Videos Reviewed by Joe M. Turner
  • How to Design Magic, The Special Edition by Will Tsai
  • Jan Forster LIVE ACT by Jan Forster
  • At the Table Live: Chris Wood by Chris Wood
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