Genii Magazine "Ton Onosaka" July 2019 - Book

Genii Magazine "Ton Onosaka" July 2019

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July 2019


Ton: A Life
Interviewed by Max Maven
Card Index Designed by Ton Onosaka
Connie Boyd's Signature Feminine Twists By Chloe Olewitz


Genii Speaks
by Richard Kaufman
In Memoriam
  • James "Doc" Nuzzo by Jon Racherbaumer
  • Tony Spina by Richard Kaufman
Now Performing
The Eye
by Chloe Olewitz
On the Slant by Jon Racherbaumer
Classic Correspondence Alexander to George Buyken by Mike Caveney
How Science Can Advance the Art of Magic Understanding People's Experience of Magic, Part Three by Dr. Gustav Kuhn
Happiness is the Road Go West, Part One by Hannibal
Going Pro How Some Pros Went Pro, Part Four by Andi Gladwin
Dealing With It by John Bannon
Sly Dog by Cameron Francis
Broadcast from Nowhere X-Bill by Al Schneider
Magicana by Jonathan Friedman
  • Symphony Silver by Danny Goldsmith
  • Taking the Edge by Bob Farmer and Michal Kociolek
The Academy of Magical Arts in Genii
  • Knights at The Magic Castle by Jason Andrew Davidson
  • The Magic Castle Performance Schedule

Books Reviewed by Francis Mennotti
  • Astonishing Essays, Volume 1, "Evergreen" by Steve Cohen
  • Astonishing Essays, Volume 2, "A, B, Z's of Magic" by Rob Zabrecky
  • Astonishing Essays, Volume 3, "Diary of a Prison Magician" by Anonymous
  • Sub Rosa by Ariel Frailich
Videos Reviewed by Nathan Coe Marsh
  • MasterClass: Penn & Teller Teach the Art of Magic by Penn & Teller
Tricks Reviewed by Danny Orleans
  • Winner's Dice by Secret Factory
  • SvenPad Game Night by John Morton and Brett Barry
  • Quantum by Calen Morelli
  • Level One by Christian Grace
  • Blankrupt by Josh Jonousky
  • Baxt's Better Book Test by Robert Baxt
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