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This is completely examinable and does not work like a Lippincott Box! Unique secret sliding panel! Use it for Ring in Lemon, watches or predictions!


The performer places a wine glass on the table and borrows a finger ring from any spectator. The ring is placed in the folds of a handkerchief and given to the spectator to hold over the mouth of the wine glass. He can actually feel the ring through the handkerchief and is told to hold onto it tight. The performer produces a small locked wooden box and sets it in full view of the audience. The spectator is asked to drop the ring into the glass. The spectator lets go of the ring and it is heard to clink as it drops into the glass.


The performer immediately whisks away the handkerchief from the glass - it has vanished!


The spectator is then handed a key, and he unlocks and opens the box himself. Inside he finds a lemon, the magician produces a knife which is thrust into the top of the lemon as the impaled lemon is removed from the box. The lemon is cut open to reveal his ring in the center!


The beautifully handcrafted walnut box with inlay measures 3.5 x 3.5". Decorative key hole and feet made of Hand cast pewter.

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