Heads & Tails

Heads & Tails

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Mickael Chatelain is known for creating diabolical gimmicks for visual close-up effects. With Heads & Tails, he has applied his unique approach to a mentalism utility gimmick.

Three folded pieces of paper sit on the table, and the spectator is asked to provide three coins. They can flip all three coins until they are satisfied that there is a random outcome of heads and tails.

But the choices don't stop there! The spectator is asked which prediction they would like to apply to which coin. With an empty hand, the magician uses one finger to slide the prediction over to the corresponding coin. When each slip of paper is opened, it is seen to correctly predict whether its coin is heads or tails!

You can use any coin, and you can write the prediction to match any currency (in the video, Mickael uses "face" and "pile" for his coins, but most of us would use "heads" and "tails"). There are only three slips of paper in play the entire time, and the magician's hands are completely empty. The slips of paper never go out of sight, and the magician only uses a single finger to move them. And even though all actions are carried out as fairly as possible, the work is finished before the papers are even unfolded.

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