Hollingworth Collection
Hollingworth Collection
Hollingworth Collection
Hollingworth Collection

Hollingworth Collection

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In 2014, Dan and Dave produced The Hollingworth Collection, which contained Guy Hollingworth's VHS tapes converted to DVD (with new content added), as well as a limited edition deck of cards that has not been reprinted. The deluxe box set quickly sold out, and the DVDs and decks disappeared as well. We recently found one set, and once it's sold, it's gone forever and we are unable to obtain any more.

This set contains:

The London Collection: Filmed in 1996, London Collection by Guy Hollingworth entered the magic community to resounding acclaim. Guy's work married elegance with card magic, and his gravitas and style have remained unrivaled. Long since out of print, this re-release of London Collection features seven of Guy's signature effects and accompanying commentary which detail his thoughts and updated handlings on the methods described.
Approximate Runtime: 198 minutes.

Routines: Four years after London Collection came the long awaited publication of Routines. Join Guy as he travels throughout England, elucidating the methods to eight of his most coveted effects. Each routine has been carefully designed to instill a deep sense of wonder in your audience. In addition, you will enjoy Guy's updated thoughts and handlings on the effects within.
Approximate Runtime: 181 minutes.

Epilogue: Perhaps Guy's most celebrated effect, The Reformation is performed and taught in intricate detail, followed by a discussion on alternate handlings. A signed playing card is torn into quarters, only to be reassembled piece by piece. A miracle. A classic. Also featured is an exposé of The Interval, a section found within Guy's Drawing Room Deceptions, which outlines sleights that irrefutably establish him as a master of the art.
Approximate Runtime: 137 minutes.

Hollingworth Deck: The green Guy Hollingworth deck has only been available in this limited edition box set. Featuring metallic gold details on both the cards and tuck-case, each deck gleams in the sunlight like scotch on the rocks. We’re sure you’ll agree that they belong in your back room, stashed away with passports and imported cigars, where fortunes are won and lost with the turn of a card.


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