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Impossible Penetration
by Clarence Miller and Viking Magic

The finest quality, most deceptive penetration ever!

When we say that the spectator's jaw drops when you perform this effect on them, we am not exaggerating....

This is more a VISIBLE penetration in that nothing is cut, but the solid blade does pass through the spectator's finger.

The wooden blade is shown solid. The spectator inserts his/her finger in the hole in the houlette. The blade is pushed through the finger and then the houlette is removed LEAVING THE SOLID BLADE HANGING FROM THE SPECTATOR'S FINGER!

This IS an IMPOSSIBLE PENETRATION and will amaze and delight all who see it performed. A real puzzler. There is nothing to give the secret away and the spectator is allowed to touch everything.

Quality Viking craftsmanship makes this a real winner; made from select woods in a natural finish.

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