Jumping Jokers (gimmick and online instructions) by Stephen Tucker and Kaymar Magic - Trick

Jumping Jokers

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The 'Haunted Deck' is an amazing plot, and one of the most visual types of card magic. I fell in love with Stephen's version because it is the perfect opener -- you remove the Jokers from the deck, but in two different, visually shocking ways. Once they see the deck move, they KNOW you are going to be good - it establishes credibility right away.

And method wise, it's literally perfect! No threads, no magnets, no wires, no elastic... it is self-working, and the deck is clean and examinable, meaning you can carry on with any other of your tricks!

Package includes... booklet, online link to video instructions, readymade gimmick, and an extra gimmick you can add to any deck of cards of your choice.

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