Let's Have a Dream
Let's Have a Dream
Let's Have a Dream
Let's Have a Dream

Let's Have a Dream

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From the creator of Cards In Bag - a self-working miracle prediction effect!

For years, Dominique Duviver has been known for creating off-the-wall effects with cards that are easy to perform. Many of his creations have become modern classics of close-up magic, and "Let's Have A Dream" is no exception.

First, a prediction card is set aside in full view. There is no switching and no multiple outs. The deck is dealt through one card at a time, and each card is shown to the spectator until they call "stop". They can wait as long as they wish, and they can see that every card in the deck is different.

Once they note their card, the deck is genuinely shuffled, and yet you can the selection from the face-down deck, and it exactly matches the prediction card from the beginning!


  • Special Bicycle cards printed by USPCC
  • No sleight of hand required
  • Foolproof - works 100% of the time
  • Online video instructions

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