Lior Manor Lecture - June 24th

Lior Manor Lecture - June 24th

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June 24th at 7pm at Tannen's Magic. Note: this is a live, in-person event that will not be recorded or streamed.

Lior Manor is one of the busiest working pros I know, and if you attend his workshops you will immediately understand why. 
He will teach you how to do magic and mentalism to real people in the real world. I can’t recommend it enough.”- Asi Wind

In Lior Manor's lecture, he teaches a complete 25-minute mentalism show that you can perform out of your pockets and involve audiences ranging from 10 to 1000 people. The routines are highly visual, entertaining, and easy to learn. This show is a staple in his repertoire for clients and companies worldwide.

In addition, Lior will teach some of his original special effects, such as the 'Invisible Touches' and the 'Mobile Opener', which engage the entire audience. Other routines include the Cryptext Revelation with Pixto, the 10 Poker Deal, the new selfie card trick, the Celebrities and many more.

Both magicians and mentalists - professionals and amateurs - love Lior's lectures. Learn what one of the top pros in the corporate world does to entertain and mystify his audiences. Join Lior for this special evening, and you'll be entertaining and fooling your audiences with amazing strong effects. 

. "Lior is a brilliant thinker, a clean to the point thinker, a real worker who makes a healthy living doing what we all want to do, he does it that well.  Always the hit of any convention and the hit of any corporate show or trade show.  This is a lecture where you will simply want to listen and absorb. Plus he is a funny nice guy." - Banachek 

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