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Multiplying Sponge Balls
by Goshman

Rarely can you get two great effects for the price of one, but that?s exactly what this is: a combination of the multiplying billiard balls and the always popular sponge balls. Many combinations are possible.

Do the standard multiplying ball routine and then ditch the gimmick and entertain with the sponges. Or vice versa. You have all 4 balls in the shell and produce them one at a time. Your own imagination will come up with lots of possible moves and routines.

The sponges are light in weight, bright in color, and very easy to work with. And the special sponge-like finish on the shell makes it a snap to palm. Few effects are as well-received as the sponges since the magic happens right in the spectator hand.

Comes with four 1.5-inch regular sponge balls and the special gimmick. 

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