Nick Diffatte Lecture

Nick Diffatte Lecture

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Nick Diffatte is widely known as one of the most in-demand variety acts working today. Diffatte is a regular performer at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, has appeared on the Late Late Show on CBS, is a guest performer on Disney Cruise Line, fill-in for comedy magic legend Mac King, and is a headliner in comedy clubs across the country.

Nick is also the author of Offbeat, a bestselling comedy magic book that has been highly praised by some of the biggest names in the industry.

Here’s what to expect:

-Stand-up routines from Nick’s act including material from his book Offbeat and other unpublished work.

-Close-up material including touches on some of his marketed tricks, material from Offbeat, and more unpublished ideas.

-A discussion on the practice and power behind stage cueing. A rarely employed and highly secretive technique.

-Nick's thoughts on writing comedy magic routines for himself and others, and his thoughts on how to find the proper balance between comedy and magic for yourself.

-Open Q&A to ask about anything from the lecture or Nick’s live shows.

“Nick Diffatte is a rare breed. Clever, funny, a total badass.” -Chris Kenner

“I sure do love Nick Diffatte. He’s my hope for the future of comedy magic.” -Mac King

“A lot of entertainers TRY to be funny. Nick IS funny. He has the perfect blend of comedy and magic.” -The Amazing Johnathan

Please note that this is an in-person event that will not be recorded or streamed. Tickets are non-refundable.

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