Ontology Refill Red

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This is the refill (deck only) for Helder’s Ontology Project. You will receive an a collection of 54 cards that allow you to perform the following effects:

DEEPEST SYMPATHY: Arguably the cleanest and most deceptive version of the Sympathetic Cards plot ever devised.

TRIUMPHANT: An unbelievable addition to Dai Vernon’s timeless classic, Triumph.

FORCE OF NATURE: Based on Charles Reynolds’ “Force of Thought” this is the perfect utility weapon magicians and mentalists alike. Included are two routines guaranteed to devastate: A spectator merely thinks of a card in the deck and the magician is able to instantly tell them what card they are thinking of and a perfect prediction.

CART BEFORE THE HORSE: A signed card to impossible location that brings a Bro. John miracle into the 21st century.

What are the leading industry professionals saying about the Ontology Project? Read: “I actually already perform three of the plots dealt with in The Ontology Project, and I’m exchanging all three of my methods for those found here. These tricks are so good that they do, in fact, make you question your own existence.” Mac King

“Brilliant. The Ontology Project is a post-graduate course in card magic.” Jim Steinmeyer

“A quote for a magic product is supposed to suggest three things: the product is great, the person quoted likes it, and that he personally suggests you should buy it… It is, I do and you should.” Michael Weber

“Buy Ontology for your audience, they deserve it!” Bill Malone

“If you buy the Ontology Project and don’t like it let me know and I will buy it back from you myself. I think it is that good.” Chris Kenner

“It’s so good, just write something and put my name under it.” David Williamson

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