PCTC Productions Presents UNLINK Remastered (Blue) by Jordan Victoria - Trick

PCTC Productions Presents UNLINK Remastered (Blue)

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With UNLINK Remastered, you will now be able to make miracles with only one gimmick.

The only limit is your imagination. You'll be able to make a signed card vanish, appear, transpose into another, and many more...

Don't stop thinking. Now use gaff cards with UNLINK Remastered: double back, double face, blank face, specially printed playing cards... Anything can be used with this tool!

The "2 signed card transpo" is worth the price of the entire project!

This video will teach you 9 effects using this gimmick + tips and ideas.

- Endless possibilities
- Cards can be SIGNED and visible until the vanish
- Available in red or blue gimmick
- 9 effects taught
- Tips and ideas

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