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Perfect Match
by Steve Bender

A mind-boggling stand-up routine for any children's or family performer!

You have six cards on silk-screened plastic. The spectator has the same six cards. The cards are held face down. The key cards reads: Magic Show Now Is Happening. You begin by spelling the first word: Magic. Each time you say a letter you move a card from the top of your stack to the bottom.

The spectator can stop you at any time and spell the next letter or letters. You can stop him whenever and complete the spelling or he can stop you again and complete the spelling. Whenever a word has been spelled the spectator is told to turn over his card. You then turn over your card, not only do the colors match but the words are identical. For example, one card reads: Me. The other card reads; Me Too! When you perform this, you won't believe it can work, but it does.

Comes complete with 13 durable, hard vinyl cards and detailed instructions.

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