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"The method is smart and the effect is magical. This is a winner." - Michael Weber

From the creator of Revolve and Blade, Plasma is an easy-to-do penetration with a borrowed object that starts and ends completely examinable!

First, pull out your lighter and have it examined while you borrow a pen from a spectator. Then, cover the lighter with a napkin. The borrowed pen is pushed straight through the napkin and the lighter, but when it is removed, there is no whole in the lighter. With no palming, no switching, and no ditching, you can give back the pen and the lighter can be examined again - and yes, the lighter is fully functional. There's even an option to perform the penetration without the use of the napkin as cover!

High impact, visual magic with ordinary objects can be hard to come by. Whether you already carry a lighter or not, Plasma will easily fit in your pocket so you're ready to perform on a moment's notice.

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