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Professional Stage Pickpocket
by Ricki Dunn


Ricki Dunn had an impressive career that spanned over 50 years. Also known as ?America?s Funniest Pickpocket?, Ricki worked at all the mayor nightclubs, hotels, casinos, and cruise ships around the world. He worked in cities like Miami, Chicago, New York, and Las Vegas. During his 20 minute act he would steal everything from wallets, neckties, glasses, and belts, and have his audience roaring with laughter.

This book is the result of his 50 years of experience. In it Ricki reveals how to steal every kind of item. It includes routines that incorporate the different steals, how to develop a pickpocket act, and how to market it.

Even if you do not plan to become a pickpocket, the knowledge of timing and the selection of material is well worth your consideration. This book is the legacy of a full-time professional entertainer who was one of the best in his field.

A partial list of what this book contains:

* Misdirection
* Maintaining Audience Control
* Organizing the Stolen Goods
* Stealing from Different Pockets
* Stealing Watches
* Stealing Neckties and Belts
* Pseudo-Steals
* The Shirt Trick
* 20 Professional Pickpocket Routines
* Creating a Pickpocket Act
* Publicity for a Pickpocket Act
* Thoughts on the Electric Chairs

Ricki Dunn was a fascinating person. This book also contains two appendices, with a biography and stories by some of his best friends.

Ricki is no longer with us, and for that reason we have included a DVD of his act (performance only), giving the viewer a glimpse of his personality on stage, as well as his masterful timing.

Hardbound - 208 pages plus a DVD of Ricki's performance

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