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Really Haunted
by Doug Edwards

The concept of the Haunted Deck had been marketed over 60 years ago by Lou Tannen. Since then numerous methods developed, utilizing magnets, wires, longer strings, reels, etc...

Now comes the ultimate achievement by Doug Edwards which uses none of these above methods. We have seen customers stare at the gimmick and still not detect the method. Entirely self contained, this has fooled the best magic brains around. And then adding "the cream" on top, it's all accomplished without any sleight of hand whatsoever. The handling is totally natural and can be presented under any and all conditions. This Stars of Magic manuscript is written by Doug himself, with detailed drawings by Akemi, making this effect a joy to learn and a delight to use.

A deck of cards is genuinely and openly shuffled. It is spread out and an absolutely free choice of a card is made. It is then returned to the deck in a completely fair and aboveboard manner that allays suspicion. No breaks are held and the deck is perfectly squared. If that weren't enough, the cards are immediately spread on the table showing no apparent control. After the deck is gathered up, an "invisible hair" is wrapped around it - and pulled upon - thus causing the upper half to move eerily and mysteriously revealing the selected card.

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