Refill for Cube in Bottle Project (1 Bottle 1 Cork)

Refill for Cube in Bottle Project (1 Bottle 1 Cork)

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These premium glass bottles are identical to the one used in the "Cube in Bottle Project". They're extremely high quality and the perfect size for holding a Rubik's cube.

With these affordable refills, you can now easily give "Impossible Bottles" away as unique gifts. Offered at such an inexpensive price, they are an especially worthy investment for any professional magician that wants to ensure their clients never forget the magical experience you gave them. A one-of-a-kind souvenir plucked directly from your show is something clients will cherish forever and are bound to show everyone they know.

Note: these are not for the Henry Harrius Cube in Bottle; they are for the Cube In Bottle Project. If you're looking for refills for the Henry Harrius trick, you can find them here.

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