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Long unavailable - now due to the ingenuity of Dr. Marty Schwartz, this effect is back on the market! The mechanics have been greatly improved, making the effect a delight to perform! A card case is set over the mouth of a clear glass. A second glass is placed on top of the card case. Four half dollars are dropped into the top glass. The glass is then covered with a silk. While standing well away from the glasses, you command the coins to penetrate the top glass ... penetrate the card case ... and drop, one at a time, into the bottom glass! The audience actually hears the coins drop, one at a time! The silk and card case are removed. The four coins are poured from the bottom glass!

A miracle, for sure!! Robot Coins In Glass has action and excitement. It can be performed close-up, on stage or in your living room. The greatly improved mechanical unit fits into an ordinary card case. You can even set it into a book if you wish! There is nothing to get out of order. No strings or thread are used. You can start and stop the concealed unit at any time during your presentation. Everything is under your control. Comes with the complete routine and necessary apparatus.

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