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Royale Karnage

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With Royal Karnage, it's much more than just a small packet trick that you get. It's a complete routine with a real story to tell your audience.

Cannibalism comes to your table!

Two chosen cards are eaten by the four cannibal Kings: Bicycle cards with blue backs become as red as blood, and the little angels on the back of the cards have been devoured (there is a hole in their place!).

You finish the routine by showing that The four Kings have turned into scary crowned skeletons. The Kings have devoured each other!

Strong point:
  • This very spectacular routine is within the reach of any magician already familiar with the basic techniques of card magic.
  • With Royal Karnage, it's more than just a small ride. It's a complete routine with a real story to tell your audience. It keeps them in suspense from beginning to end.
  • The explanation of the effect is made by its inventor, Mickaël Stutzinger himself, in an accessible video by a simple internet link.
You receive:

- All the special cards that are used in the routine. These are Bicycle Rider back cards, poker size.

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