Rubiked (App Only)

Rubiked (App Only)

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If you already own a Giiker i3s or wish to connect an extra device, it is now possible to purchase the Rubiked App separately. Unlock the app to discover the most innovative cube prediction. Revolution starts with an "R", Rubiked too. App only.

You need a Giiker i3s to use this product. If you do not own one, we advise purchasing Rubiked.


Xiaomi's Giiker i3s is a futuristic cube. It connects via Bluetooth to your phone and displays the position of each face in real-time, even offering the fastest path to solve the cube once mixed. With Rubiked, you push the limits of the Giiker i3s and can perform unbelievable predictions in your gallery, on your website, or even with an email which was sent to the spectator prior to your venue!

With the latest version of our app, you do not need to touch the cube or even have your phone in play! The prediction can automatically be sent to your website and you use the spectator's phone to view it! You do not have an internet connection? No problem -- simply reveal the picture in your gallery.

Rubiked does not only export a picture, but it also RENDERS it! A real picture is created from any Rubik's Cube configuration, showing a perfect match with the freely mixed cube, no doubts!

If you already own a Giiker i3s, you can purchase the app only. If you don't, we advise buying Rubiked directly. In any way, get ready to jump in a new era.

App only, no cube is supplied. Compatible iOS and Android.

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