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 "I don't want other magicians to have this, I would like to be the only one."

- Mac King

 "This is a great idea... I can't wait to use it."

-Kevin James

A unique and portable version of the classic shadow box illusion, allowing you to produce anyone from a magic assistant to a company CEO, as performed by Mac King in his Las Vegas show!

 Specifically designed by a team of professional magicians and custom manufactured by a leading tent fabricator, the Shadow Tent is every magician's dream come true. The Shadow Tent is durable, extremely light weight, packs super small, sets up in minutes and it is affordable.

 The Shadow Tent is made with the finest materials including super light-weight aluminum poles. It is specifically designed to have the best angles of any shadow box on the market (the pole sleeves create natural flaps that easily conceal more than one person if you like). There is a zipper in the front that makes the tent look like a normal tent and the zipper can be used to show the tent empty. The whole front panel breaks away with velcro tabs for a real cool appearance.

 The tent is specifically designed to be able to revolve around 360 degrees with a person hidden inside. There are a few hidden poles for stability and a ole in the top back for the light.

 Dimensions fully set-up:

5' x 5'

54'' tall inside

65'' to top of the poles

The inside of the tent is a little less than 4' by 4' at the base.

Dimensions in bag:

30'' long 8'' wide

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