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by Viking Mfg. Co.



This is one of the most challenging projects Viking has ever produced. The ShWand is painstakingly handmade. There is no way to mass-produce this item. Each one is hand-fitted, hand-sanded and polished. Manufacturing time from start to finish is approx. 6 hours per ShWand. Please treat the ShWand with the care it deserves.


Simply pull the wand apart to reveal a hidden Sharpie marker. Only the tip of the Sharpie is visible. The unique constrution of the ShWand makes it easy to exchnge and refill the Sharpie at any time.


The ShWand measures 8 1/4" x 5/8". The interior chrome metal and brass parts will last a lifetime. The ShWand is either made of Kassod wood, which is and exotic wood from Asia, Africa and Hawaii. The tips are made from maple veneer of Rosewood with maple tips.


Add a touch of real quality to your act! Don't just use a pen - use a ShWand!

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