Skymember Presents I³/III Playing Cards by Austin Ho and The One

Skymember Presents I³/III Playing Cards

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I ³ is a deck not of this world but plucked from the dream of its artist, Austin Ho. Its minimalist design, coupled with the ethereal hue that is macaron blue, is a take on the qualities of a dream: simple but intriguing. Extending on its otherworldly quality, the courts of cards are all made faceless; and the Joker-the conjurer of the dream, Austin himself, is whirling the cards of I ³ inside the card itself.

I ³ is made for cardistry. Featuring a borderless back with stripes angled precisely to fan into a captivating spiral like a dream that never ends. The entire deck, printed only in Pantone ink, is bound to lure the gazes of bystanders with flourishes.

When encased, the tuck case showcases I ³'s allure with vibrant, pearlesque stripes belted around it. Along with premium metallic inking, I ³ is also printed in classic stock by the USPCC for a quality, textured finish.

I ³ Playing Cards is the result of dare to dream. The world needs your dreams.

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