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With "SMILE no SMILE", you have in hand a tour of plays that you can produce for a young audience as well as for an adult audience.

The effect itself is quite simple, it consists of going back and forth from a SMILE coin to the NO SMILE coin, a bit like the classic effect "copper, silver". And you will have visual pieces that will appeal to any audience.

"SMILE no SMILE" is no longer just a trick with coins!

In the explanation, you will learn two versions. One almost without technique and the other with basic techniques. But you can imagine other uses for these parts.

You can even purchase the SMILE coin or / and the NO SMILE coin separately, only the double-sided is not sold separately.

So go ahead and adapt the coin lathes for all audiences with SMILE no SMILE.

The parts are treated to resist shocks and therefore to last a long time.

Coin diameter: 3.6cm - similar to the size of a dollar coin.

You receive:
  • A SMILE piece (yellow background)
  • One piece NO SMILE (red background)
  • One double-sided piece SMILE / NO SMILE.
For the explanation, you will have printed inside the box a line with a password to access a video explanation.

The card and the purse you see on the demonstration are not provided. You can use any.
The yellow of the normal coin it's not really the same of the yellow of the double face, but there is no problem while people never see the two coins together.

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