Super Mini MTP (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Secret Factory

Super Mini MTP

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Super Mini MTP is an improvement of classic magic.

A BLACK puzzle fits perfectly inside of a frame. The performer adds a new small RED piece, and he can rebuild the puzzle! Then he adds another bigger RED piece, and he rebuilds the puzzle again!And these 2 added pieces look like a little RED heart! The puzzle still forms the same exact size rectangle, and it fits perfectly inside the same frame!

Not just that, suddenly you show to your spectator that the puzzle in your hand become frozen!They become totally an one inseparable piece... except the RED little heart, it drop out!You can give the little heart to your spectator. And every thing can be examined.

Super Mini MTP is very practical,we will provide 2 methods to you that will allow you to perform this trick in every condition.

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