The Conjurer Playing Cards (Blue) by Arcadia Playing Cards

The Conjurer (Blue) Playing Cards

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Abracadabra! The Conjurer is a deck of playing cards with roots in timeless and classic magic. The deck is dedicated to magicians and celebrates the greatest magic illusions that have existed throughout history.

Animals and objects that have been used in magic to fascinate audiences for several decades are carefully depicted throughout the whole deck, from doves and rabbits to swords and handcuffs.

  • Cards printed by Cartamundi on true linen B9 slimline
  • Tuck boxes made by Clove St. Press
  • Red decks come with a gaff card and a double backer (red on both sides)
  • Blue decks come with a gaff card and a double backer (red on one side and blue on the other)

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