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By now you've undoubtedly started to notice quick response codes or QR codes. They're those little square grids printed on products and in ads, they're popping up everywhere. You point a mobile phone or device at them and they are able to interact with it in various ways. QR Codes are the future of marketing. At the moment they're also a novelty and a curiosity.


FACT: Almost everyone we meet has a cell phone or mobile device. Over 30% off those users already have a code reader installed.


That means at least one person in any small group is likely to have one. And people love using them! The QR Code can also store someone's personal data, like an electronic business card. And believe it or not, more than a few forward-thinking people have embraced the technology entirely and actually TATTOOED their scan code on their hand! This phenomenon has led others to speculate on whether the scan codes are the mark of the beast described in Revelations and a precursor to the end times. It's absolutely true. But most importantly, it makes for an interesting line of patter that will engage your audience's attention immediately!


The Apocalypse is all the rage, 2012 is on the tip of everyone's tongue and now Steve Fearson is helping you to get in on the act with Magic QR Code Tattoos. These high quality temporary tattoos are easy to apply and remain crisp and vivid for up to a week. They'll stay on through showering, swimming, etc. Each one reveals a playing card on the mobile device or cell phone when scanned. No internet connection is necessary.


If talk of a pending 2012 Apocalypse is a bit heavy for your Sunday brunch tableside gig you might want to stick with the less frightening but equally compelling "MIND SCAN" presentation. A card is selected and held by the spectator, hidden from your view. You tell the spectator that scanning the tattoo on your wrist with their phone will enable them to see your thoughts, and that you are going to attempt to visualize their card. They scan the tattoo and see that you were indeed thinking of EXACTLY their card! The tattoo is a great icebreaker, it will capture your audience's attention immediately. This revelation hits the spectator HARD because the tattoo can be introduced at the start and remains in view the entire time. If you can force a card you can do this.


But it also includes two DEVASTATING routines from Steve Fearson that really take it to the next level. Read the following carefully and try to visualize the impact it would have on the mind of the average human... You deal cards FACE UP onto the table one at a time. The spectator stops you at any time. The cards before and after the selection are seen to be different. It seems there is no way you could have known which card they would select. You introduce the code tattoo, they scan it and it reveals the name of the card they selected EXACTLY! And you can perform the effect again and again with a different card each time. This is devastating stuff. Or how about this? You ask a beautiful woman to simply THINK of a playing card. No cards are used, they just THINK of a playing card. When your tattoo is scanned, it matches EXACTLY! She accepts this as a sign that you are destined to be together and you both live happily ever after. It is time for all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond to receive... The MARK.


Your package includes 9 temporary tattoos. 6 hand or wrist sized and 3 shoulder sized.

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