Transfuze by Peter Eggink

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by Peter Eggink


A card is selected and folded in half widthwise. A borrowed bill is signed and folded in half lengthwise.

Next, the bill is wrapped around the folded card. In a FLASH, the bill visually penetrates the card -- and is now clearly shown  to be inside the bill!

Finally the bill "melts" right through the fold of the card. HAUNTINGLY and MAGICALLY the bill starts to move -- slowly rising up through the fold inside the card! Immediately after the animation, both the bill and card are shown to be completely undamaged. 

  • AMAZINGLY visual! 
  • EASY to do! 
  • FUN to perform! 
  • INSTANT reset! 
  • Penetrate the bill through the card INSIDE the spectator's hands!


Comes complete with a hand-built, ready-to-go "Transfuze" gimmick on Bicycle stock, in addition to all the materials necessary to build a second gimmick. The accompanying DVD includes bonus handlings and performance tips.

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