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The Light & Heavy Chest is such a powerful effect that Robert Houdin claimed to have used it to stop a war in Africa. Now, imagine that power in your pocket. Once hypnotized, your spectator will feel like your deck of cards weighs hundreds of pounds. This is Unliftable - The Light and Heavy Deck by Iñaki and Javier Franco.

Here’s what happens:

You place a card box on a marker on a table. You then hypnotize your audience members and remove their strength. Even as you casually pick up the SAME DECK over and over again, no matter how hard they try, they cannot lift it off the table.

You again show them that the deck is easy to pick up when you effortlessly lift it from the table. Then, you take the cards out of the box to show there are no hidden magnets or electronics and go straight into your next trick.

Unliftable is a specially gimmicked cardboard that will become impossible to pick up unless you know the secret. There are no electromagnets, glue, or complicated gimmicks. All you need is a smooth surface, and you are ready to go. The box does all the work for you and can hold a regular deck of cards so you can perform your favorite card magic after your strength-stealing miracle. Unliftable is ready to perform right out of the box and comes with a simple tutorial so that you’ll know how to get the best results. Turn your deck of cards into the legendary Light & Heavy Chest with Unliftable by Iñaki and Javier Franco.

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