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Victory Cubes are only available with Silver Faces with Black Dice Spots.


Can you imagine how powerful it would be to make the birthday boy or girl or maybe a fortune 500 company's CEO appear or disappear on stage during your magic show? The Victory Cubes give you the capacity to produce a person!


Victory Cubes comes with a DVD that explains how to make a person appear or disappear, including how to walk on stage with the cubes folded up, pop them open and produce a girl from nowhere. Plus, it includes countless other creative ways to use your Victory Cubes in any show from a birthday party to a full stage production. 


Sets up literally in seconds and packs small enough to fit into a brief case!


Dimensions fully set up:

34'' x 34'' x 34''


Dimensions in bag:

13'' by 15'' by 4''





Victory Cubes comes with two pop-open cubes, a carrying bag, an instructional DVD, a full color booklet with performance ideas and a certificate of authenticity. They will instantly make your show bigger and more valuable and they're priced incredibly low so you can get more than one set!

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