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Covers many areas of practical mentalism - the key word being practical.

No pipe dreams, just good solid commercial mentalism. A book you will use!

This is only some of the great magic you will see in this book!

IT'S IN THE BAG: The thoughts of three spectators are correctly revealed. A no-gimmick mental miracle.

FOUR-TOLD : An entertaining horoscope reading is climaxed by a baffling prediction using the LB Visible/Invisible Holdout.

SOME TOTAL 1: The mentalist predicts the problem. Two spectators provide the solution. One of the finest "addition" effects ever conceived.


THAT EVEN HARRY KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT: An unbelievable demonstration of mental telepathy using Harry Lorayne's fabulous memory game.

ASTRO DICE: The mentalist discerns the uppermost number on a die hidden beneath a silver cup.

THE NEW MATH MIRACLE: A simple, but effective close-up mental addition effect.

PERPLEXING ESP PLAQUES (3 EFFECTS): 1. Mentalist reveals which of five geometric designs spectator is concentrating upon. 2. Mentalist correctly predicts a freely selected design. 3. Mentalist demonstrates how Charlie Chan solves a murder.

PREDICT-A-MANIA II: A slight improvement on Mario's improvement of a Henry Christ original.

REFLECTA-THOT (MATERIALS INCLUDED): The mentalist correctly defines a word selected from 500 possible choices. A startling effect that utilizes a unique seldom used principle. POSITIVELY GREAT!

SIMPLI-CITY: The mentalist and a spectator each select identical cities.

MIDAS MENTALISM: A silver coin is transformed into gold through concentration alone. The alchemist's dream come true.

THE 13TH CARD: A double-barreled brainbuster mental card effect.

IMPROVED HAUNTED HOUSE: Five alphabet cards change mysteriously from H-O-U-S-E to G-H-0-S-T to S-H-0-C-K. one of the finest close-up tricks ever invented.

CB MENTALISM: The "handles" (CB names) of three spectators and the channels they are mentally broadcasting on are correctly identified by the mentalist.

COMPUTER DATING: Simple but effective demonstration of computer dating services using a shuffled pack of playing cards.

And So Much More.......

154 pages, spiral bound.

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