In & Of Itself

In and Of Itself Window Card

Derek DelGaudio’s In & Of Itself is now on Hulu and is enthralling audiences around the world. To celebrate the critically acclaimed show’s release we offer authentic posters from the live show in New York City. It can be difficult to find any official merchandise or memorabilia from In & Of Itself which is why we’re so delighted to make these posters available. The beautiful silver posters come in two sizes. The window card, which measures 14” by 22”, and the large poster, which measures 24” by 36”. Both feature a design of the roulettista gun, the brick wall, scales, and other hidden details waiting for your eyes to discover them. All of the In & Of Itself posters are brand new. We’re proud to make the posters available for a limited time. Since we only carry original and authentic posters, once our inventory of posters is sold out they will not reappear. 

Both posters feature Frank Oz as director while the smaller window card posters offer a longer list of theatrical credits including producers and designers. 

In & Of Itself is now available to watch on Hulu, where it has garnered the praise of critics leading to a 100% Certified Fresh on