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Book Club FAQ

Q: How much does Book Club cost?

A: Free! All you need to do to join Book Club is register before the event. Whether you've already read the month's book or not, our goal is for everyone to get something out of the event.

Q: How long is each Book Club?

A: Each meeting lasts at least 60 minutes, but may run longer.

Q: What is your next book?

A: We'll be announcing that shortly, so sign up for our email list to be notified as soon as we launch our next one!

Previous Meetings

Max Malini

A live, in-store interview with Steve Cohen about his book about Max Malini

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Drawing Room Deceptions

Watch our chat with Guy Hollingworth on his modern-classic, Drawing Room Deceptions

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Derek Delgaudio in conversation with Adam Rubin, about his memoir Amoralman.

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