You Are All Terrible: The Book
You Are All Terrible: The Book
You Are All Terrible: The Book
You Are All Terrible: The Book
You Are All Terrible: The Book
You Are All Terrible: The Book
You Are All Terrible: The Book

You Are All Terrible: The Book

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“The funniest comedian or magician I have ever seen.”

David Copperfield

“Harrison Greenbaum is a complete powerhouse of a performer, pummeling his audiences with powerful left-right combination punches of laughter and amazement.”

Mac King

“I liked this book a lot. If I were offered one wish, my personal sexual prowess and world peace would have to wait. My wish would be for Criss Angel to read this book. Oops, that’s two wishes . . Because of the reading thing. Let’s go back to world peace — that’s easier.”

Penn Jillette

Step into the twisted and brilliant mind of “the hardest working man in comedy” (TimeOut NY) and the “Funniest. Magician. Ever.” (Society of American Magicians) with You Are Terrible: The Book by Harrison Greenbaum!  Be one of the first readers to laugh and learn from what’s sure to be the most talked about magic book in years.

A masterclass on the performance of magic and comedy, this 204-page volume will give you hard-won secrets on making your magic more original and making your comedy funnier.  (But even if you’re not a comedy magician, this book is still designed to make you a stronger performer.)

With a foreword by Mac King and a final word from David Copperfield, You Are All Terrible: The Book is a showman's guide to making your magic unforgettable.  Learn from the expert insights Harrison has gained while touring his show around the world, from the Comedy Cellar to the Sydney Opera House, from the Kennedy Center to the National Comedy Center, from tiny basements to the theater where he currently headlines Cirque du Soleil’s Mad Apple in Las Vegas.  You Are All Terrible: The Book is jam-packed with invaluable knowledge that will elevate your magic to new heights, or your money back!

(We will not give your money back.)

Are you ready for a gut-busting, jaw-dropping journey filled with magic, wonder, and Venn diagrams? Uncover the secrets of one of the most prolific magic performers of our time and grab your copy of You Are All Terrible: The Book today. It just might be the funniest magic book you’ve ever read.

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