We're Hiring!

Why Tannen's?

Tannen’s Magic is the longest continually operating magic shop in the country. Since 1925 we’ve operated a brick and mortar magic shop in the heart of New York City and over the ninety six years the business has grown to include orders from all over the world. First by mail, then by phone, and now via our website. 

We love being a home for magicians; a place where they can do more than buy magic, where they can grow. Tannen’s produces live events for the magic community and magic fans alike including our lecture series and Book Club. We’re also home to Magic After Hours, the critically acclaimed close up magic show starring Noah Levine. Tannen’s Magic Camp is entering it’s 48th year and we’re proud to produce an event that encourages the next generation of magicians through education and connection.

What We're Looking For

Everything we do is approached with an emphasis on quality. We hold ourselves to the highest standards. We work to create and keep a magical atmosphere for the professional magicians, hobbyists, and tourists that visit our shop.

Our team is made up of energetic employees who work hard to be on the forefront of magic with a shared passion for the history and legacy of magic as well. Applicants should be task and goal oriented and have a positive energy. Tannen’s is looking for applicants that are knowledgeable about magic, aware of the magic market, and well read. 

Available Positions

Magic Specialist

Duties include front and back of house responsibilities like showroom demonstrations, retail transactions, general housekeeping, working with customers on the phone, and shipping.

Both full time and part time positions are available.

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Retail Manager

This position is ideal for someone looking to engage their skills and experience to create and manage world class interactions for customers and clients in a beloved and unusual institution.

This is a full time position.

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