Little Door by Roddy McGhie

Little Door by Roddy McGhie

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 Your drawing comes to life! An easy to do, visual piece of magic. This trick has gone viral on Instagram and TikTok, and it's also a practical, real-life worker.

Offering your audience an explanation of how magic tricks work, you draw a door on the back of your card box with a marker. In a cartoon-like moment of magic, you can slide the door open to show how you can peek at the cards inside the box. After you close the door, you can wipe away the marker and the audience can thoroughly examine the box.

This incredible effect is not just a card trick but rather a magical, illustrated tale designed to entertain and enrapture audiences of all ages. It also looks really cool!


"Roddy's Little Door is everything you could want in a magic trick: incredible visuals, unfathomable method and stunning audience reactions. I was fooled. You'll be fooled and your audiences don't stand a chance." - MARK ELSDON


"Brilliantly visual, wonderfully baffling and truly magical!" FISM World Champion - MATTHEW WRIGHT


"You're releasing this? No!!!! I want to keep it for ME! Selfish I know but this is just too damn good!" - ERIC JONES


"I've been visually mind f*****!" - DAN HAUSS


Includes hand-crafted custom gimmicks.

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