Chinese Sticks

Chinese Sticks

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This popular classic has been beautifully crafted; it functions perfectly, everything looks nice, everything works smoothly. In brief, it is a joy to work with.
Like all the best effects in magic, the effect is simple to describe, and can be understood by an audience of any age: the magician holds two elegant sticks in one hand (each 1.5 feet long, black with decorative red stripes). A long piece of white string with a white tassel on its end hangs from one of the sticks. The second stick only has a short piece of string with a tassel on its end. The two sticks are held side by side, and then the magician pulls the tassel of the short string down. The string gets longer and longer, while the string hanging from the other stick gets shorter at the same rate.
Is there a secret connection between the two sticks? The magician opens up the top ends of the sticks and indeed, there is a connection; but it is cut through immediately with a pair of scissors. And again, the magician pulls the short string down; it gets longer while the string on the other stick becomes shorter. If there is no connection at the top, concludes the audience, there must be a connection at the bottom end. The magician immediately crosses one stick over the other so that neither the top nor the bottom ends are close to each other and then repeats the amazing effect immediately. After performing several variations, the magician crowns it all by pulling an extra piece of string with tassel from his pocket. The string becomes longer and longer while at the same time and at the same speed the two pieces of string hanging from the sticks in the magician's hand become shorter.
Definitely one of the best versions of the trick available on the market at the moment!

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