Hydrostatic Double Shot

Hydrostatic Double Shot

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The Hydrostatic Glass trick is a classic of magic!  This trick has been performed by some of the greatest magicians in history! 

If you don't already know the routine, it goes something like this: The magician has a glass of liquid, covers it over with a beer mat, fan of cards or piece of paper, turns it upside down, then removes the beer mat, a fan of cards or piece of paper and the liquid stays in the glass (often performed over a spectators head!).  The magician then clicks his fingers and the liquid falls out, or you then simply turn the glass back the right way.

The only problem there has ever been with this trick, is that until now, the gimmicked glass used in the routine has always been made from a cheap-looking plastic glass, the kind you see at children's parties!  Well, now we've added the PropDog touch to this classic of magic, making the gimmicked glass a modern, up-to-date shot glass, just like any glass you'd find at any pub, bar, or event.  It's made from an almost indestructible polycarbonate.

The other nice touch we've added is that the other part to the gimmick is laser cut from a piece of 1mm thin acrylic and bonded to a wafer-thin disc of acetate, meaning you get a tough, but wafer-thin gimmick that is incredibly easy to palm and almost invisible if ditched into a narrow glass, not like the cheaper injection moulded parts on other cheaper version of the Hydrostatic Glass.  This means that there's no plastic flashing or bits on the edge left over from the injection moulding process, meaning the gimmick fits 100% perfectly, so no risk of it not working properly as with previous versions or fiddling around to try and get the gimmick to engage.  The gimmicked hole is also so small, that it's almost imperceivable and many people have examined it during my performances and never noticed it!

Due to its size and that it's such an innocent-looking prop, it's a perfect routine for the close-up worker/table or bar magician.  

Spare gimmicks are available.


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