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You present the current issues of two popular magazines and allow a spectator to examine all of them and choose one. You turn away and instruct her to open her magazine to any page and think of any word. "But let's find a good word," you say, "Make it a difficult word." She thinks of any word, on any page. It could be buried in an ad or a word from a picture caption. It's all fair game. Once she has a word in her mind, she closes the magazine and you turn around. You look her in the eyes and tell her what word she is thinking of.

"Glance" is the ingenious creation of Ireland's Steve Thompson. In collaboration with Vanishing Inc. and designed by Andi Gladwin, "Glance" brings you an entirely prepared contemporary news magazine. Wrap it with any current magazine cover and you will have one of the most potent weapons available to the performing mentalist: an ordinary object that allows you to do extraordinary things.

Already own the original version of Glance? Here's what's new:
  • New Magazine cover design. You can now have a stack of four magazines on your coffee table! 
  • Updated text. We listened to your suggestions and tweaked some of the text and adverts. 
  • Brand new video instructions with bonus tips and ideas.
  • Same "word bank" so there is nothing new for you to learn!

With the blessing of Ted Karmilovich (creator of Mother of All Book Tests), "Glance" allows you to perform one of the most impossible, memorable feats of mentalism with an object everyone has heard of and read before. And with Steve’s ingenious system, you don’t even need to fish for any information about the word before revealing it.

  • No glimpses. No preparation. No counting.
  • No short pages. No stooges. No peeks. No sleight-of-hand.
  • No cues. No guesses.
  • "Glance" is an achievement in both engineering and design. Take a cursory flip through the magazine page by page and you will be astounded by the craftsmanship of the wording and the precision of the layout.
"To be blunt, the price tag is WAY too low for a secret this strong!" Ken Weber
"The best and most natural looking magazine test I have ever seen." John Archer

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