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Juxtapad is more than just a magic trick. It allows you to perform numerous effects. Imagine being able to make any word, any number, any picture, or anything you like vanish or appear at will from a stick note pad. no special pens, no special inks.

Juxtapad comes with several routines and ideas. Here is our absolute favorite!

It goes like this:

Any book in any language is flipped through until a spectator says stop. They are asked to remember the page number and the first word on that page. The book is closed and laid on the table. You pick up a mini sticky note pad. With no questions of any kind, you write down one word and one page number.

For the first time, they are asked to name the page and their word. You turn over the pad to reveal the exact word and page number. But wait -- there's more!
This is simply unbelievable.

The pad is placed onto the spectator's hand. You claim you will make their word vanish. The pad is turned over; the writing has gone. You ask if they can remember their page number. The book is now opened to that page. The sticky note with their word and page number is now stuck on that very page.

The above routine is an absolute knockout.

Key notes to remember:
  • No special pens - use any pen you like
  • No vanishing inks
  • No palming anything away
  • No adding anything
Comes complete with your custom-built Juxtapad and several routines and ideas.

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