Black and White Surprise
Black and White Surprise

Black and White Surprise

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Black and White Surprise

Two brass poker chips, one white and one black are shown. Placing one into each hand, you explain that they will change places! Upon opening your hands, the chips have apparently reversed positions.

You immediately offer to repeat the trick. Once again, the chips apparently change places. By now some spectators will be getting rather suspicious and call out asking to see the other side of the two chips. You agree, turning both chips over. To everyone's surprise the back of one chip is red and the other green. Then, turning the chips over to the original side, you show that they too have changed! One is blue and the other is yellow.

The chips can be examined after these changes. Black and White surprise is easy to learn and perform and will reset in seconds.

These European Chips are solid brass with different inlaid colors.

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