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Card Leap
by Tannen's Magic

Two sets of ten cards are counted out one at a time, face up, in front of your spectators. One set is the magicians and the other is the spectator's. The two piles are squared up and the spectators is put into his pocket. Fanning your cards, you allow the spectator to mentally select one. Then, after squaring up your cards and making a magical pass, you count the cards again, face up. Surprisingly, you now have only nine cards and the one the spectator mentally selected is gone! Then, the spectators cards are removed from his pocket and counted onto the table. His pack now contains eleven cards and his mentally selected card.

This effect will stun your audiences and its ease will amaze you. It is almost self-working. The spectator never mentions, writes, or in any way clue you to his selection, yet somehow you are able to make that one card vanish from one pack and appear in the other pack in his pocket!

This effect is perfect for beginners and professionals who appreciate clever yet easy routines that are amazing. Bicycle Poker Cards.

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