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Make their ring vanish and reappear linked on your keychain!

Flite is an updated version of Ring Flite. Not only does the gimmick look like a real key chain, but the gimmick has also been completely redesigned to eliminate the risks involved in classic methods.

While the classic Ring Flite is a staple the cannon of close up magic, there are some risks that need to be managed: the reel can break, the clip might not fit, you may have to mask some noise, heavier rings need to be managed differently, and some methods require a jacket. Steve Thompson has eliminated each of these weak points in his re-design. Here are a few of the advantages of Flite:

  • No reels or clips
  • Lightning fast load - no need to misdirect
  • Unlinks easily
  • Instant reset for restaurant or walk-around performers
  • Can be handled by the spectator
  • You can visibly link their ring as a penetration effect
  • You can link multiple rings at once
  • No jacket required

There are no difficult moves required in the routine, and the basic sleight of hand required is taught in depth in the video instructions that come with the prop. This gimmick has been designed to look exactly like an ordinary key ring that you would carry, and if you put Flite in your pocket, you'll be ready to perform one of the most memorable effects in close-up magic on a moment's notice.

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