Regal Color Changing Knives
Regal Color Changing Knives
Regal Color Changing Knives

Regal Color Changing Knives

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The Color Changing Knives is a classic for a reason. Masters like Johnny Thompson, Daryl, Rene Lavand, and Bill Malone have all featured this trick because it's visual, memorable, and fast-paced. Over the years, it has become more and more difficult to find high-quality sets of the requisite knives, and there have always been trade-offs between each set. Whether you're exploring this plot for the first time, or if you've purchased dozens of sets over the years, we believe that the Regal Color Changing Knives is the best set and gets our highest recommendation.

These knives have the best features of all sets on the market combined in one:
  • The different colors on the knives are textured so you can feel for the correct knife in your pocket without looking.
  • These knives were designed for this trick (not repurposed from existing knives), so they are built with an optimal weight and size to make the sleights easy.
  • While the blades are polished, they are not razor sharp. Because of this, they look like real knives but you won't need to worry about cutting yourself or your spectators.
  • -At the climax of the routine, the knife changes into a Swiss army knife. Not only does it change to red, but the logo appears in the correct spot and the rivets vanish, creating the impression of a complete transformation of the knife.

This set of four knives comes with video instructions from David Regal on his own routine. It's easy (even for beginners) and visual, and it isn't a card trick or coin trick. This set of knives will last you a lifetime, and you'll never need another set.

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