Double Cross - Mini
Double Cross - Mini

Double Cross - Mini

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Mini Double Cross works just like our regular best seller Double Cross, but its in a mini size that fits in your pocket or on your keychain - so it's with you 24-7.

It’s so small, you’ll almost forget you have it with you. But as tiny as it is, it still packs the same punch as our full size Double Cross. Plus, since it works as a regular pen too, spectator’s can use it to sign cards - they’ll never discover its hidden secret.

Since Mini Double Cross attaches to any keychain, when the moment arises, you quickly detach the pen and spring into action. Just as quickly, you can recap the pen until you’re ready to perform again - there's no reset.

If you want to perform the world's #1 effect anytime or anywhere, Mini Double Cross is a must have. Comes with Mini Double Cross prop, accessory and online instruction.

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