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SB Watch 2022

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SB Watch is a product of András Bártházi. It is an elegant-looking hybrid Bluetooth watch, which looks like a "normal" analog wristwatch. We have designed it to look simple and natural. It is the innocence of the watch which makes it ideal for use with the TimeSmith app (included for free).

It has a button that looks like a crown. It is turnable with no effect. You can imitate pulling it out, and ask the spectator to "set a time" while you force a preset time.

The SB Watch uses NO confederate or pre-show. You can perform it anywhere, anytime without any issue.

The TimeSmith app

The TimeSmith app is developed by Benke Smith, available for Android and iOS. The app was developed to control the SB Watch, mainly by setting the hour and minute hands to show a custom time. The time can be freely selected by the spectator, but it also can be a pre-configured (force) timestamp. The number of magic routines and customizable options will grow in time, with the help of the dedicated Facebook community, however, the app already has 12(!) ways to set the time:

  • Lock Screen: type in the time while unlocking your phone - even if the spectator sees what you are doing they won't discover the secret.
  • Swipe: swipe on your phone or use your Apple Watch.
  • Doodle: let your spectator write down the time into an innocent-looking doodle app, or use a compatible board, and they set the watch for you.
  • Spotted Dice: do you have our Spotted Dice? Let your audience member roll the dice and SB Watch is set - you have to do nothing.
  • Rubik's Cube: are you a CubeSmith user? Just do 4 simple moves an SB Watch is set even before you start your favorite CubeSmith routine.
  • Photo: let your spectator write down the time and just by holding the paper over your phone SB Watch knows what to do. Want to give them a photo as a gift? Make a photo of your spectator holding the paper and the moment the photo is taken SB Watch is set and you have to do nothing.
  • Remote Control: using a compatible remote control (Wilson Nexus, ThoughtCast Versa) you can set the time (even without using the app). Sold separately.
  • Voice Recognition: if you would like to perform the lazy way, we got you covered. You can set the SB Watch just by talking to your audience and the watch is set. Set up words and associate times for them - you have to say no numbers to set the time. Best working in a silent environment, like a Zoom show.
  • Calculator method (Android only): perform another routine that includes the time as a 4-digit number, and SB does the rest of the work for you.
  • Web Input: use a website made only for the SB Watch and input the time there. Perfect for stage or any kind of environment where you have a secret assistant.
  • Bluetooth Keyboard: with a Bluetooth keyboard just input the time with ease.
  • NFC/RFID: do you have our NFC/RFID cards (blank is recommended)? If your phone can read the cards, then just write times on them and set up the app, and when you hold the card near your phone, it will set the time.

Now, be honest with yourself. Isn't the SB watch the best prediction watch you saw? And we have still left some ideas to add more input methods.

Facebook community

As an SB Watch user, you should join the Facebook group with more than 1600 happy SB Watch users. You will get additional ideas, routines, interesting discussions, and a lovely community.

SB Watch has a bright future

The SB Watch and the TimeSmith apps are updated regularly with new features that you get for free.

Dimensions & weight

The watch face has a 36mm inner and 42mm outer diameter, the main thickness is 11mm. You can easily exchange the original strap with any 20mm standard strap. Our default black leather strap is suitable for about 15-20 cm wrist sizes. It weighs around 50 grams (with the strap).

Replaceable battery

The SB Watch has a replaceable CR2032 button battery, which will power the watch for more than a year if it's used as a regular watch. Using magic (moving the hands frequently) drains the battery more, but we still estimate several months of battery life.

What's included

  • the SB watch of your choice
  • activation code for the full TimeSmith app
  • a wiping cloth

Note: the SB watch is not applicable to any current promotions or discounts.

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