Hippity Hop Rabbits Classic

Hippity Hop Rabbits Classic

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A black rabbit and a white rabbit are each covered with a tube and are to switch places at the magician’s command. And the rabbits do actually change places several times. In the course of this funny routine, which is interspersed with jokes, the audience notices that the rabbits and their tubes are turned around each time, so everyone thinks the other side of the white rabbit must be black, and the other side of the black rabbit white.

After hesitating for a while, the magician agrees to turn the rabbits around – what a surprise, the reverse sides of the rabbits are red and blue respectively. A real sensation with great entertainment value.

The props: Two 35-cm tall rabbits made of washable plastic, which are easily visible even when they are on stage. The rabbits are printed directly so there is no film that could peel off. The rabbits, and that “certain something”, are shaped on a computer-controlled mill, which guarantees an exact fit. Excellent workmanship, which will give you a lifetime of pleasure.

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