PhotoShop 2

PhotoShop 2

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The original version of Photoshop was released over a decade ago, before Will Tsai's sudden fame from America's Got Talent. After ten years, this trick has stayed in Will's repertoire, but he has made changes and improvements to the gimmick and the routine.

PhotoShop 2.0 allows you to pluck and object out of a picture. It's a simple effect, it happens quickly, and it can play well for any audience, from kids to adults. You can choose to perform this trick as a stand alone effect, or you can use it to introduce a prop for a longer routine.

It comes with

1. Original PhotoShop gimmick PLUS the new streamlined PhotoShop 2.0 gimmick. Two in one.

2. THREE sets of effects ready-made for you so you can start performing out of box
a. Mystery Card: Produce a folded prediction from a photo (Blue Bicycle back)
b. Coin Surprise: Produce a single coin as a simple effect or one coin routine.
c. Rubik's Surprise: Magically introduce popular modern plot in magic - Mini Rubik's cube.

All professionally photographed and prepared to save your hassle.

If you are looking for powerful and simple magic that's adaptable and practical.

We strongly encourage you to give PhotoShop 2.0 a try.

What is inside the box?

  • 1 x original photoshop gimmick
  • 1 x new photoshop gimmick
  • 18 high-quality photos (6 photos per effect. 3 effects in total)
  • Online instruction link
Here are some things customers said about the original photoshop:

"Photoshop is an easy to learn, mostly self-working, impressive presentation"
- Kenny, New York USA

"It well worth it. I really like it because it packs small and delivers BIG! Good magic is easy magic and this is GOOD MAGIC!!"
- Madison, Arizona USA

"This is a WORKER!"
- Eric, Washington USA

"Easy to perform, Loads of opportunities, Great Reactions. GO to trick to leave them speechless"
- Juan New Mexico USA

"Take a little time and invest in it, it will definitely be worth it."
- Julien , London United Kingdom

NOTE: The Extended Photo Pack is also available separately. It is professionally produced and made available for those who don't have time to customize their own effects, effects as follows:
  • Kiss chocolate
  • Sponge ball
  • 4 half dollars for coin routine
  • Goldfish
  • Lighter
  • Ferrero Rocher chocolate
  • Mystery Card (Red Bicycle Back)

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